UK Prep Course

To help you get ready for your upcoming studies in the UK, we highly recommend the UK Prep Course. This is an online course developed by Henry International Consulting. The CEO of this company we know very well – Wayne Henry who has worked with international students for over 20 years while working at several universities around the world, including the UK for over a decade.

The UK Prep Course prepares international students from every country for their upcoming experience in the UK.

Students have one year unlimited access to the online course, which includes:

Students work at their own pace and the benefits are:

With a deeper understanding of British culture, communication variances (idioms, accents, vocabulary and slang), communication and learning styles as well as a knowledge of culture shock, learning styles and plagiarism, you will start your studies strong, have confidence to interact with others, get better grades and perform better overall.

You will also have access to:

The UK Prep Course is an ideal accompaniment to the typical Pre-Departure and Orientation programmes universities provide and will help you a great deal to succeed in your program and UK experience in general.

Follow this link to access full details of the course including the 1-minute introductory video, FREE Trial, and registration page.

The course is already great value for money, but SI-UK has secured an additional $50 discount only for SI-UK students. This is limited to the first 50 students who register through SI-UK. This is for all SI-UK students globally, so sign up quickly to secure your discount. You must use the discount code “SIUKdiscount” when you register.

The course looks great. It certainly will help with your adjustment and includes amazing tips and resources. Take advantage of the FREE Trial and SI-UK discount. It’s a great opportunity, sign-up now.


Studying in the UK

My counsellor contacted me every day throughout the application process and helped me receive an unconditional offer. I am so grateful to SI-UK and will never forget them. I will study very hard as I feel this is the best reward I can give the whole team. 

Sade Onyeje Social Work at Birmingham City University

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